Format questions document for bulk uploading

Questions can be easily bulk uploaded from word document by following these simple steps

  • Prepare the questions word document in the required format. 
  • Save the word document as 'html' file. While saving the word document as 'html', an html file and a folder will be created. 
  • Select the html file and folder, compress the file and folder into a .zip file. 
  • The created zip file should be uploaded to Testpress. 
  • This will upload all the questions including any images in the questions. 

Formatting the word document:

  • Questions should be prefixed by Q.<No>). For example Q.1) 
  • Options should be prefixed by a), b), c), d). Any number of options can be provided 

  • Please note that there should be no space anywhere in Q.1). 
  • If there is a space in the prefix format, question uploading would get broken. 
  • If the format for the 10th question is incorrect, questions will get uploaded till 9th question. 
  • Directions for the questions should be prefixed by  D.11-15) as below. 

  • Click here to download the sample word document.
  • Click here to download the sample zip file. You can upload this file. This file will upload 50 questions. 

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