Getting Started: 3 steps to setup online exam

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll get your Testpress account up and running in no time. 

The 3 steps to setup your online exam

  1. Create Exam
  2. Create Questions
  3. Assign Users

Step 1. Create Exam

The first step involves creating a new exam. Creating exam involves setting the attributes for an exam and adding questions to the exam. Check out our guide to create an exam quickly in Testpress:  How to create an exam

Step 2. Create Questions

Questions form the basic entity of any assessment. There are multiple ways by which you can create questions inside Testpress. Check out the following links on how you can bring questions inside of Testpress.
  1. How to bulk add questions from word document
  2. How to add a single question
  3. How to add new subjects

Step 3. Assign Users

After an exam is created you can decide whether to make the exam as public or private. Public exams can be accessed by anybody who has an account in the portal. Private exams provide restricted access to students based on the batches. Private exams involve  creating batchesassigning the batches to the exam and  adding users inside those batches.
Once you've completed these steps, there are lot more areas to customize Testpress.  Integrate third party appssell exams bundled as a productset up custom domain etc.
Do check our  help site for more information or reach out to customer support team to have a wonderful experience with Testpress.

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